Joining Hands and Hearts

Joining Hands & Hearts – ISSB welcome you to our unique multi-cultural community in the America Riviera.

ID Committee Description Committee Head
1 Welcome Help newcomers to our community connect with resources Mansoor Hussain
2 Community Support Provide community members support during challenging times in life Hussain Shakour
3 Communications General oversight of all communication subcommittees Mansoor Hussain
3a Website Manage ISSB’s website Hendra Chendana
3b Social Media, Graphic Design & Email Communicate to community through different social media platforms Sarah Nasir
3c Photography Capturing moments of our community Gina Chendana
4 Social Events Organize activities & events for ISSB Afshan Khan
4a Sister’s Club Organize activities for sisters only Fara Edayu & Iman Moody
5 SBIC Management General care of building & grounds. Reservation of space within center Normah Halim & Martini Tahir
6 Healthcare Advisory Provide guidance for community health issues Saida Hamdani
7 Higher Education (undergrad-grad) Provide guidance & support to UCSB, SBCC & other college students Venus Nasri
8 K -12 Education Provide guidance to K-12 students Souheila Elkurjie
9 Islamic Education Organize Islamic education & events for community Wael Hijazi
10 Interfaith/ECOFaith Act as liaison between ISSB & other faith groups, schools etc. Martini Tahir & Afaf Turjoman
11 Youth Organize activities for our youth Maleeha Mustafa & Afshan Khan
12 Community Service Provide services to Santa Barbara Community Martini Tahir & Afaf Turjoman
13 Feeding the Homeless Provide for the less fortunate members of society locally Jamal & Saida Hamdani
14 Silver Group Organize socially engaging & integrating activities for our elder members Sarah Nasir
Rizwana Zaman

Please email if you are interested in connecting or serving any of these committees.

Welcome Committee

ISSB welcomes you to our unique community nestled between the oceans and the mountains in our beautiful microcosm. We are a diverse multiethnic vibrant community united by the guiding principles of Islam and its spirit of compassion, mercy and doing good. Our goal is to uplift our community. We invite you to get to know us. We are happy to add you to our mailing list so that you can learn more about what we offer and participate in those events that interest you. Getting involved is the best way to meet people, make friends and discover all the wonderful ways to do good for the ISSB community and the greater Santa Barbara community at large.

Relocation to a new place can be intimidating and formidable. Let us help you settled in Santa Barbara.

Members: Mansoor Hussain, Wael Hijazi, Fara Edayu, Afshan Khan.

Community Support Committee

This group of caring volunteers is dedicated to supporting members of the community during challenging time such as illness, bereavements, or other major life events. Our goal is to embody, live and practice the Islamic values of compassion and mercy in our community with a view to bringing comfort and a healing life to those who are vulnerable. In this way, we remind them that they are part of the ISSB family and are not alone. We serve as a resource to the community and help to obtain the needed services or resources that they need in their particular circumstances.

Members: Hussain Shakour, Wael Hijazi, Rini Dawn, Rizwana Zaman, Leticia Miramonte, Sophia Halima

Communication Committee

Up to date, well conveyed communications and public relations is paramount in keeping our beautiful community connected. This committee is focused on ensuring that events and activities occurring within our community is easy to find.

This committee maintains our website, social media sites, distribution of newsletter and emails as well as chronicling our growth as a community with photos and videos.

Members: Mansoor Hussain, Hendra Chendana, Sarah Nasir, Gina Chendana, Asma Khan, Maleeha  & Saman Mustafa, Normah Halim, Deasy Linarti.

Social Events Committee

This very active committee organize events and activities for our congregation and the larger Santa Barbara community. The members of this committee helps with the successful planning, coordination and execution of all the beautiful events that happen in our community and brings us together.

There is an equally active Sisters’ Club, conducting events such as the Book Club, Qasidah & Tadarus group, and Recreation group amongst others.

Members: Afshan Khan, Martini Tahir, Sarah Nasir, Maleeha & Saman Mustafa.

Sisters’ Club Members: Farah Edayu, Iman Moody, Sumaya Mehai, Nashat Zaman

Santa Barbara Islamic Center (SBIC) Committee

This committee undertake the general care of the center, its grounds and the planning of preventive maintenance. The team handle all legal and financial matters relating to the Center such as insurance and application of annual property tax exempt. We liaise with contractors, cleaner and gardener. It is the hope of the committee that everyone treats the Center as their second home. Martini Tahir is our scheduler for reservations.

Members: Kenneth Mineau (Advisor) Normah Halim, Martini Tahir, Mansoor Hussain

Healthcare Advisory Committee

This committee is the reference point for our community on current and pertinent health issues. Comprised and monitored by the licensed Physicians and Nurse Practitioners from our community, this committee collaborates to put forth guidelines and recommendations for better communal health.

This committee played an important in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic as a faithful Muslim community in Santa Barbara by putting out guidelines and recommendations for community iftar, safety maintenance during Tarawih and other prayers.

As we continue to grow as a community, more activities are in the plans to better serve the community through event such as health fairs, health talks and mentoring the next healthcare providers.

Members: Saidah Hamdani, Priti Gagneja, Salman Haq, Sarah Nasir

Higher Education Committee

Provide guidance and support to students of UCSB, SBCC and other nearby colleges on how to navigate the world of higher education and emerge successfully. This resourceful panel is composed of passionate advisors who have successfully navigated the path of higher education and have emerged leaders in their own fields. The committee is focused on helping the next generation to achieve the same success and continue contributing to scholarship.

Members: Venus Nasri, Munibah Saleem, Zuhair Mullath, Tariq Alam

K-12 Education Committee

As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. The goal of this committee is to help gather resources and advice on a successful education from grades K-12 and to make them available to our community. We hope to facilitate the nurturing and shaping the bright and intelligent children we are blessed with in our community.

Members: Souheila Elkurjie, Rola Zieneddine, Shirley Salahuddin

Islamic Education Committee

Organize and facilitate educational events that promote spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of our beautiful deen. We are fortunate to have hosted several illuminating and enriching events geared for men, women and children.

We have regular ongoing classes like Hifdh and Fiqh program, basic Arabic through Iqra program, weekly character building story time from the lives of the Prophets and righteous Muslims conducted by Shaykh Wael Hijazi, Rana Bilal, Maleeha & Saman Mustafa and Elif Eksici.

We also many visiting scholars such as Shaykha Sajeda Adat who host classes and halaqas with our sisters.

Members: Wael Hijazi, Mansoor Hussain, Rizwana Zaman, Naiyerah Kolkailah.

Interfaith/ ECOFaith Committee

Promote education, knowledge and understanding about Islam and its principles within the larger Santa Barbara community by collaborating with other interfaith groups, organizations and schools.

Members: Martini Tahir, Afaf Turjoman, Leticia Miramonte, Sophia Halima

Youth Committee

Organize activities for our youth so that they can grow up being proud of their Muslim identities while having fun and have a safe place to be themselves. Our youth have participated in volunteering, field trips to Six Flags and organized beautiful high tea health talk.

Members: Afshan Khan (advisor), Maleeha & Saman Mustafa, Maisha T., Zainab Malik

Community Service Committee

The wellbeing of our greater community affects our wellbeing as the Muslim community in Santa Barbara. This altruistic committee is dedicated to serving the needs of the Santa Barbara general community via liaising with other non-profit groups.

Members: Afaf Turjoman, Martini Tahir, Maleeha Mustafa, Arshi Mehr, Khaled, Muhamad Mahjaub

Feeding the Homeless Committee

This committee provides for the less fortunate members of the Santa Barbara community. This program is carried out every third Friday of the month at the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, 535 E. Yanonali.

Members: Jamal & Saida Hamdani

Silver Group Committee

This committee’s goal is to promote social engagement and activities for the senior members of our community to help them integrate into our community. Oftentimes the elder generation of immigrants arrived without much connection with the new outside world leaving all their loved ones behind, and in time become lonely. Loneliness leads to significant depression in this age group.

By facilitating a platform for our sliver citizens, the goal of this committee is to foster connection, engagement and a sense of belonging.

Members: Sarah Nasir, Rizwana Zaman